Celebrity Big Brother 2006 – Betting Update

Stating Jodie Marsh was a definite final four contender was a massive faux pass as she was voted out of the house first. The odds have swung 918kiss dramatically for some of the celebrities since the show first aired 12 days ago and here is the latest betting round-up for the 10 celebrities left in the house.

Chantelle Houghton 10/11

Despite being rumbled by three housemates about her non-celebrity status, Chantelle was deemed to have passed her task. How ironic that a non-celebrity can win Celebrity Big Brother, but, given the past line ups, it is arguable this has been going on since the series began. Chantelle has the characteristics a woman needs to do well on Big Brother: blonde, has no discernable talents and is blissfully thick.

Samuel “Preston” Preston 11/4

Preston is a self confessed Big Brother fan and knows what is required to stay the course: be a bit of a “jack the lad”, keep your head down and make sure the attention is on you when a bit of pretend romance is involved. Gullible Chantelle is the object of his feigned love interest. Perhaps he sees them as the Celebrity version of Maxwell and Saskia, but without the obnoxious behaviour?

Maggot 9/1

Has been a disappointing character since entering the house and has been devoid of all Welsh, chavtastic behaviour synonymous with his band, rappers Goldie Looking Chain. All he does is sit around and nod like a dog when somebody slags off somebody else.

Michael Barrymore 14/1

Has seen his odds slump from 3/1 favourite to 14/1 following a week of abhorrent, self-pitying behaviour. Barrymore looks tired, old and must be wondering whether entering the house was a wise decision. An altogether unpleasant character, but unfortunately one who still has a large enough fan base to keep him in the game.


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